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Basesuit | 4 tips to maximise your branded merchandise sales
Custom Active Wear and Fitness Wear thats perfect for Personal Trainers, Gyms and Clubs that feels great and looks awesome.
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4 tips to maximise your branded merchandise sales

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There are tips and tricks to selling merchandise that have been around for years that you never know is happening and we are letting you in on the secret.  Today we will give you our favourite 4 that are great for Personal Trainers and Gyms.

1. Quality must be good or cheap

People will pay for quality after all most people training at gyms around Australia are wearing brand name active wear like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas or Lorna Jane.  These garments are on average more than $50 per garment.  It stands to reason then that people will pay for quality gear.

On the flipside people will buy gear if its cheap.  A novelty shirt or cap will be purchased regardless of quality if the price is cheap.


2. Don’t underestimate the power of solidarity

By nature people love being a part of a team, a group working together for a similar goal.  Branded active wear that sports branding that represents a team or an event often evokes emotion within a person that draws them to purchase the merchandise.  Think of bootcamp shirts or fun run singlets.


3. Price Enticing

If you have multiple items in your merchandise swag a great trick which plays on consumer behaviour is to price cheaper items higher so that it’s a small jump to a more valued item.  An example would be if you had a cap priced at $29 and a shirt priced at $35.  The extra $6 jump gets the buyer a better value item so they are driven to the shirt.


4. Bundles

The last of our 4 tips is to include merchandise in fees, bundle a few items together to give the customer a full package.  This does a few things; it guarantees a number of merchandise sold, it also gives a greater perceived value to the service you are offering.