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Basesuit | Dye Sublimation: Comfort Meets Sublime Style
Custom Active Wear and Fitness Wear thats perfect for Personal Trainers, Gyms and Clubs that feels great and looks awesome.
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Dye Sublimation: Comfort Meets Sublime Style

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Whenever we purchase new clothing, we tend to ask ourselves two things: how does it look, and how does it feel? Depending on the garment’s purpose, we may prioritise one of these over the other, but when it comes to fitness wear there is no doubt consumers demand quality on both fronts.

At Basesuit, we ensure our clients experience the best of both worlds, using the dye sublimation process in the production of our garments. Dye sublimation uses heat to infuse dye directly into the fabric, in contrast to common methods such as embroidery or screen printing, which create multiple layers. The process involves transferring a digital image to paper using a heat-sensitive dye, then using a heat press to transfer the dye from paper to garment. The high temperatures used in the heat press allow the dye to bypass the ‘liquid’ stage and operate as a gas, which can then be infused into the fabric as opposed to a surface application.

The seamless integration of colour into the fabric offers many benefits in terms of both appearance and feel. Perhaps the greatest advantage of dye sublimation is the limitless design options it enables. Because the process begins with the transfer of a digital image, we are able to incorporate any high-definition image into the design of your garments. Visual appeal has never been more important to consumers, and dye sublimation allows for unlimited combinations of colours, patterns and images to be used in your design. Colours retain their brightness throughout the process, so your garment will come out looking exactly as designed. Best of all, sublimated gear won’t fade in the sunlight or in the wash.

This unmatched level of customisation also allows you to make the most of promoting your brand. Other methods tend to limit branding to cumbersome embroidered badges or screen printed logos, but dye sublimation allows you to visually promote your brand however you like. For example, instead of placing a logo in a small badge on the chest, you could choose to have it take up the entire torso without compromising on comfort. The team at Basesuit is committed to staying on top of the latest trends in active wear, so we will work with you to develop stylish and innovative designs that strike the perfect balance between smart branding and visual appeal.

The other great advantage of dye sublimation comes in the form of superior comfort and durability. With the dye infused into the fabric, the garment maintains a smooth, consistent feel that is far preferable to the unbalanced feel of embroidered or screen printed products. The additional layer of material can also increase sweat production, so sublimated gear allows the wearer to operate at a higher capacity for longer. Embroidered fabrics will eventually start to unravel, while screen prints can easily crack and peel, which not only causes discomfort but greatly reduces the lifespan of a garment.

All of these benefits make sublimated garments the ideal choice in active wear. An investment in Basesuit products will get you a long-lasting garment that looks and feels sublime.