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Basesuit | The essential information you need on your merchandise
Custom Active Wear and Fitness Wear thats perfect for Personal Trainers, Gyms and Clubs that feels great and looks awesome.
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The essential information you need on your merchandise

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Personal trainers everywhere are well aware that merchandising with their own branded training gear is a great way to get their name out there.  A training singlet or shirt is a walking billboard particularly when the wearer has been transformed under the PT’s guidance.  The question that always pops up is what to put on merchandise to get the best benefit?

The truth is there are no real hard answers but these are thoughts to take on when undertaking merchandise design.

What is the purpose of the advertising?

What is the purpose or call to action from the advertising?  Is it purely to get the brand out there?  Is it to get people to go to a website?  Is it to get people to call?  Is it to push a product – maybe a 8 week challenge?

Once you decide what you want to get out of the advertising this will clear it up.  If the purpose is just to get your logo onto people that are advocating you then just a logo may be sufficient.

Where is it seen?

Where are the wearers going to be seen in these garments?  The gym most likely in most cases I would suggest.  So it stands to reason that the branding will be seen while people are exercising.  If people are exercising they have time to think but no real time to follow a call to action like go to a website or call a number.  So if the goal is to get people to a website it will prove to be difficult given after the wearer has walked past the thought to follow through goes with them.  Think about cinema advertising, all those adverts to go to shops or theme parks before a movie are going on and you think I must do that but then the movie starts and you forget all about them.  For this reason branding might be the best option without a call to action.

Do I put a phone number on the Merchandise?

Again it comes down to how people interact with the merchandise.  If singlets are being used then they will likely be used around a gym and a phone number is pretty useless there.  On the flipside if the number is 1300 TRAIN that’s different as its memorable and people can recall that quickly at a later point.

Do I put on a web address?

As before it all depends on how the user engages with the item.  In the case of a training singlet again a website address can be memorable.  When it is spelt out it can also clear up a logo that is hard to read which helps with a later recall.

What about social media?

Like before it depends on the situation but in the singlet case social media tells people that you can be found everywhere.  Putting the twitter handle or Instagram username may be a bit overkill however.

Should the services be listed?

Lists of services are tricky to advertise as the nature of a list is it takes a lot of space.  Merchandise like the singlet has the real estate to display this however I would limit how much is added as the more text the harder it is to read and get the message across.  Like signage at football stadiums its seen at a glimpse so there is no real time to read everything so the message has to get across immediately.  Listing 10 services is impossible to read on a singlet without following the person on the treadmill however 2 or 3 key points can work well.

Its got to look good!

It should be no surprise that your merchandise should look good as well.  Its got to stand out so that it draws attention.  This might mean bright colours, it might mean neat and tidy design, it might mean a really out there picture on it.  Whatever the design it has to draw attention and compliment your brand.

Regardless of what merchandise you choose for your business its important to think how its used and how people will interact with it which will dictate what call to action you are trying to achieve.