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Basesuit | High Qualiy Active Wear
Custom Active Wear and Fitness Wear thats perfect for Personal Trainers, Gyms and Clubs that feels great and looks awesome.
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High Qualiy Active Wear

One of the most important things your clients should consider when purchasing fitness wear is comfort. There is nothing worse than purchasing a garment that looks great, but hinders performance due to poor fit, lacklustre materials or holding sweat.

The minds behind Basesuit have spent more than twelve months researching the latest fabrics, cuts and patterns to ensure all of our garments provide maximum comfort during even the most high-intensity physical activity. It is crucial to feel comfortable in your own skin when exercising, and while there are plenty of options for people who are already in great physical condition, it can be difficult to find suitable gear in larger sizes, especially for men. We have conducted rigorous testing by people from a range of backgrounds, from professional athletes to the casual exerciser as part of a commitment to ensure Basesuit can cater to clients of all shapes and sizes.

Basesuit uses only high-quality materials to ensure each garment offers optimal comfort for your clients. We incorporate moisture-wicking technology into our fabrics to ensure maximum breathability and comfort. Our products are designed to ensure the wearer’s comfort is maintained for the duration of their workout, which is particularly handy for activities that require a lot of physical exertion, such as sporting events or high-intensity training.

Another factor that often hinders the performance of fitness-wear is durability. A cheaper garment may be reasonably comfortable at first but you’ll eventually run into issues such as loose stitching, fabric warping, peeling, fading and itching. Our use of quality fabrics ensures Basesuit products will remain intact longer and maintain their comfort throughout their lifespan.

The addition of images to garments by screen printing, embroidering or heat sealing often causes problems after time due to their separation from the fabric itself. Heat sealing can feel heavy to the wearer and may cause excessive sweating, while embroidering will often unravel, leaving the garment feeling unbalanced. The dye-sublimation process used by Basesuit ensures all graphics are seamlessly integrated into the fabric, eliminating these issues.

The Basesuit team has gone to great lengths to ensure our products find that perfect balance blend of style and comfort. We’re confident your clients will love them so much they’ll want to wear them all the time, helping you promote your brand while also helping maximise their performance.