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Basesuit | Options for Different Budgets
Custom Active Wear and Fitness Wear thats perfect for Personal Trainers, Gyms and Clubs that feels great and looks awesome.
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Options for Different Budgets

At Basesuit we believe there is no room for compromise on quality, so you won’t find any cheap, inferior products in our range. The good news is your clients are likely to demand quality from their fitness wear and will be willing to pay  for a garment that looks, feels and performs to their expectations.

The Basesuit product range is designed to give you a number of different options to suit your budget. At present, there is a very distinct gap in terms of quality between the high-end fitness wear and some of the cheaper ‘stock’ options on the market. Basesuit’s offers variations on many garments as well as price breaks to give a range that fills the void with a high-quality garment at a competitive price.

At Basesuit, we’re confident we deliver a good quality garment of the same quality as the famous retail brands at a similar price, with the added benefits of customised styles and unlimited branding opportunities.

While we believe your clients will love our products from day one, their true value will be seen over time due to their excellent durability. Our commitment to using only the best available materials ensures Basesuit products are made to not only outlast those of their competitors but to maintain their quality throughout their lifespan. We use fabrics that won’t lose their shape after a few uses, while also benefiting from moisture-wicking technology.  The dye-sublimation process we use for graphics ensures your garments won’t peel or fade as they age. We’re confident your clients will be so impressed with our products’ durability they’ll want to come back for more.

Another advantage for Basesuit customers is the opportunity for price breaks for higher-quantity orders. Basically, the more of our products you order, the more we can discount on the overall cost. With the customisation and branding opportunities available, Basesuit is the perfect choice for your fitness wear supplies. Whatever your budget, Basesuit will have a high-quality option available to meet your needs.